The Whitewater Valley Land Trust is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization to hold conservation easements and own lands with the mission to preserve natural areas and open spaces.

Invitation To Join
Annual membership dues are only $10. Becoming a member of WVLT is one step you can take to promote the preservation and conservation of the local landscape in ways that enhance its beauty and long-term ecological health. Joining does not indicate you are personally planning to place a conservation easement on your land, it simply endorses and supports the activities and philosophy of the land trust.

WVLT greatly desires diversified membership, including all non-landowners who are sympathetic to our mission and philosophy. A robust and active membership will increase the WVLT’s ability to qualify for and attract funding from public and private agencies. You will be a voting member, able to vote for the Trust’s leadership each April. You will receive periodic updates on the activities of the Whitewater Valley Land Trust as well as information on conservation easements and other land issues from local, statewide and national perspectives. A portion of your membership will go into a fund that will be used to monitor lands protected by conservation easements and to defend the original easement grantors’ wishes for the protection of their lands as they have prescribed.
Zachary Ferraro,
Mar 1, 2011, 7:10 PM